Curly Kit Box
Curly Kit Box

Elentee Soy

An exclusive line designed to provide protection and incredible health to natural hair. Infused with natural soy and herbal ingredients, it conditions and strengthens hair to help you maintain a beautiful natural style. Whether you choose to lock it, braid it, weave it, or wear your own natural texture, have the freedom to look naturally amazing with Elentee Soy. 


Elentee Soy Styles

Anti-Breakage Moisturizer

1. Apply ample amount of Elentee Soy Anti-Breakage Moisturizer to hair and scalp. (Scalp application will help relieve tension caused by braids). 

2. Massage gently using the ball of your finger tips for 3-5 minutes for complete absorption on scalp and hair .

3. Comb through for even distribution and style hair as desired.

Locking Bees Wax

Elentee Soy Locking Bees Wax is formulated with natural ingredients that increase elasticity and manageability for creating locks. Provides long-lasting hold, moisture and sheen. Strengthens and prevents breakage.
7.5 Oz.

Braid Marinade

Elentee Soy Braid Marinade is a braid detangler that eases the process of removing braids and twists. Its light herbal formula moisturizes and softens the braid, which allows smooth removal of the hair addition without any hassle. As a result, the hair is manageable and tangle free. 
14 Oz.

Itch Therapy

Elentee Soy Itch Therapy is enriched with Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, this anti-itch therapy conditions, nourishes and soothes dry, itchy scalp. Recommended for extended wear styles, such as braids, naturals, scrunches, sets, updos and weaves. Also reduces hair breakage at the scalp level. 
12 Oz.

Twist & Lock Gel

Elentee Soy Twist & Lock Gel is formulated with special herbal ingredients to deeply soften the cuticle for total control when coiling your hair into twists and locks. It conditions by restoring moisture and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage. Provides a long lasting hold and dries fast. 
16 Oz.

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Elentee Soy Bees Wax Front
Elentee Soy Bees Wax Back
Elentee Soy Bees Wax Front
Elentee Soy Bees Wax Back

Elentee Soy Locking Bees Wax