About Us

It all started with one “Miracle” in a bottle.

Recognizing a need to solve problems of dryness, breakage, and frizz associated with coarse and curly hair, Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1 leave-in conditioner was created by AFAM Concept, Inc. and quickly became a cult favorite hair care product among dedicated beauty enthusiasts. From that one item the brand grew to include shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for everyone, with a special focus on multi-cultural hair.

Over its decades in business, the independent manufacturer has developed hair care lines from its plant in Chicago, IL that have become staples to salons, distributors and consumers alike throughout the U.S. and internationally, including Vitale Olive Oil, Vitale Classic, Vitale Mo’Body, Elentee Soy Organics, Smooth Organics, Smooth Organics Monoi Oil, Leisure Curl, Organic Hair Energizer, Hawaiian Silky Signature Collection, Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil, Hawaiian Silky Herbal, and most recently, the brand built with input from social media followers, Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar for all hair types and ethnicities.

In 2014 the company introduced its first baby care line, Olive Babies, enriched with olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil, shea butter, and oatmeal to keep babies delicate skin soft. The hypoallergenic products that are completely free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates has become a hit with parents of babies and toddlers, and grown-ups who love using the olive oil enhanced petroleum jelly on their chapped lips! In Summer 2016 AFAM Concept moved into the facial skin care space bringing its first anti-aging line to the market.

Koee Radiant Lift Anti-Aging products are infused with hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts to reduce the visible signs of aging skin including fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. Koee Radiant Lift was soon followed by Max Fair Acne treatment skin care that uses the healing power of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid to treat blemishes on all skin types.

Fall 2016 the company introduced a men’s personal and beard care line, NewLife. Promoted toward the “rugged and sophisticated” man, the line includes beard oil, beard wash, beard balm, hair styling products, shave gels, after shave, and other products focused on men’s skin. Late 2016 is also when the company began direct sales to consumers on its e-commerce website, making it easy for customers to get the company’s entire portfolio of products delivered to their front door. Throughout the years AFAM Concept, Inc. has bridged the gap between the ethnic hair market and the general beauty aisle. Their focus continues on developing products for multi-cultural hair types, curly hair, natural and transitioning hair, and coarse hair, while introducing products for a new generation of customers of all ethnicities.