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Tips To Treat Damaged Hair

5 Reasons Why Your Hair Is So Dry

And Three Ways To Fix It

You know that plant in the corner of your kitchen that’s starting to wilt because you haven’t been watering it enough? Your hair feels the same way when it’s not taken care of properly. 

Dry hair is a result of not enough moisture. But how does your hair become so dry?

Why Is My Hair So Dry?

Unfortunately, this is not a single-answer question. Many factors can cause dry or damaged hair.

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Let’s explore the five most common reasons for dry hair.

1. Weather Changes

Noticed a shift in your hair’s health without changing your routine? The reason could be right outside your window. Weather changes can do a number on your curls—especially if you live in a colder climate. Cold weather sucks the moisture right out of your hair, causing strands to feel dull, brittle, and dry.

2. Your Pillows

Yes, your pillows could be the culprit of your dry hair. Cotton pillows absorb the moisture from your hair, and the friction can result in the dreaded morning frizz. Luckily, swapping your cotton pillowcase for satin is an easy way to ensure moisture retention all night long.

3. Type of Towel Drying Method

That’s right—the wrong towel can dry your hair out and cause breakage to already-damaged hair. Regular cotton towels are absorbent and, just like your cotton pillowcase, will result in a crown of frizz.

Changing the way you dry your hair works wonders for those with curls. Consider changing your cotton towel to a microfiber towel—and don’t rub your hair together.

4. Using Heat Tools Without Heat Protectant

The allure of heat tools is enticing, but ceramic straighteners and curling irons will sizzle away all that precious moisture from your locks.

Now, we’re not saying to throw away your heat stylers (even though your hair will thank you if you do so). If you must use heat tools, spray a high-quality heat protectant to create a thermal barrier.

5. Overwashing

Some hair types require more washing than others. However, overwashing can result in dry, brittle hair. Seems like a catch-22, doesn’t it?

The thing is, overwashing your hair will strip away all of its nourishing natural oils. These are the oils your hair needs to feel soft and supple in-between wash days. The only way to combat this is by washing your hair less often. Once you do so, your curls will adapt to the change.

How Can I Repair My Dry & Damaged Hair?

Tips To Treat Damaged Hair

If you’ve committed any one of these curl crimes or need to start paying extra attention to your wash day routine, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. You can start your journey to a soft, healthy mane in three simple steps.

1. Use the Right Products

The right products make a huge difference in hair health. Use a hydrating leave-in conditioner or moisturizer and gently distribute oil throughout your locks after drying as a finishing touch. For colder climates, focus on adding moisture. For humid climates, focus on frizz control.

Hawaiian Silky Cool Scalp Leave-In Conditioner

2. Switch to Satin Pillows

But you don’t need to stop there. Those with porous hair can benefit from a silk scarf or bonnet. Wrap your curls each night to establish a fool-proof frizz shield.

3. Stop Using Heat Tools

The best way to prevent dry, damaged hair is to stop using heat tools. Air dry your curls or diffuse them at a low temperature. If you must use heat, make sure you’re using a heat protectant while setting your heat to the lowest degree possible.

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