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Hair Types: How To Figure Out What Type Of Hair You Have

Your hair type is determined before you are even born. It’s in your DNA. Even though you’ve lived your entire life with your unique hair type, you might not know what it is. Continue reading to learn more about your luscious locks and how you can determine your own hair type.

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What Are Hair Types?

Your hair type depends on your hair’s curl pattern, which is determined by the shape of your follicles. The more oval your follicles are, the more curly your hair will be.

The four hair types fall into the following categories: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. However, your hair pattern can fall in between types. In fact, most people’s hair patterns fall into two different types.

What Are the Different Types of Hair?

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Type 1

If your hair is straight from the roots to the ends, then you have Type 1 hair. Type 1 hair has no natural curl to it and tends to be on the oily side. It’s important to refrain from over-washing your hair, so it’s recommended to use texture spray or dry shampoos.

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Type 2

Type 2 hair is classified as gentle, undefined waves. Instead of using oil-based products, opt for a light mousse or gel to keep your waves soft, loose, and bouncy. This hair type falls into four subcategories known as Type 1A, 1B, and 1C. Type 1C hair sports a well-defined S curl and is prone to frizz during humid or damp weather.

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Type 3

If you have Type 3 hair, you are officially in curl country. The most important styling note you can follow is to never brush your hair if it falls into this category. Type 3 curls are much more defined than Type 1C hair and combing a brush through your locks can destroy your curl pattern.

Those with Type 3 curls need a lot of moisture reinforced throughout their locks to keep the curls looking fresh and hydrated.

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Type 4

The tightest category of curls on the hair type scale is Type 4. Type 4 hair is extremely delicate and needs a lot of moisture. The best way to add moisture to your Type 4 hair is by utilizing masques, hair butter, and creams. Many people with Type 4 hair are ditching the shampoo completely and sticking to co-washing or conditioners.

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How To Tell What Type of Hair You Have

Identifying your hair type is not rocket science. All you have to do is wash your hair, let it dry naturally, and match your curl pattern with our handy infographic.

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