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Split Ends: Common Causes & How to Stop Them

You’ve hydrated. You’ve conditioned. You’ve deep conditioned. And yet, those split ends are still a thorn in your side. What gives? Split ends are a total buzzkill for those trying to nurture their curls back to health; but don’t worry, we’re here to tell you what split ends are and how to get rid of them in a snip.

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What Are Split Ends?

Split ends happen when the oldest part of your strands—aka the ends—split or fray down the middle.

When your hair is plagued with split ends, it becomes more susceptible to breakage, which makes it harder to maintain those luscious locks you've been flaunting. The result? Dull, lifeless curls that are far from Instagram-ready. We all deserve better than that, right? Read on to find out what causes split ends in hair—and how to stop them.

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What Causes Split Ends in Hair?

Now let’s get to the root of the problem. What causes these Y-shaped nuisances? Well, everything, really. From heat styling to headwear, anything that remotely damages your hair can cause split ends to rear their ugly heads. However, some culprits are worse than others.

Heat Tools

We know how tempting hot tools are, especially if you’re having a bad hair day. Leave your temptations at the bathroom door, and remember that heat styling will ultimately damage your curls by creating splittingly obvious split ends.

Lack of Moisture

When your hair is thirsty, it’s more likely to split. Keep your hair hydrated with regular conditioning and hair masks to lock in that much-needed moisture. Mind your shampoo-to-conditioner ratio by opting for more conditioner if you have kinky or coily hair.

Chemical Treatments

Bleaching and coloring your hair may be trendy, but these chemical treatments can strip your hair of its natural oils and weaken the cuticle, leading to split ends. If you have bleached or dyed hair, go for deep conditioning treatments to help repair the damage.


If you reach for the brush while your hair is bone-dry, expect us to swat your hand away. Never brush curly hair while it’s dry. Otherwise, your ends will split like a tree branch in a lightning storm. Instead, opt for a wide-toothed shower comb and always detangle your curls with a dollop of conditioner.

Split Ends: Causes & How to Prevent Split Ends in Hair

How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Unfortunately, once your hair splits, there’s no un-splitting it. The only way to get rid of split ends is by cutting off the damaged ends. If a salon or hair stylist says that they can fix your split ends, then you need to walk out the door.

After you have had a reputable hair stylist trim your ends, you need to get on board with a healthy hair care regimen. Schedule a trim every four to six months, and use curl-safe hair products in between your appointments. Wear friction-free clothing, and think twice about wearing that hat.

It’s Time to Split Up With Your Split Ends

If you have split ends, don’t worry. They’re extremely common. Give your hair some extra love, and start your healthy hair care journey with AFAM. Shop products specially formulated for curly guys and gals like you. From deep conditioners to damage-defying oils, shop our entire collection of curl-approved hair care must-haves.