how to get rid of fairy knots

How To Get Rid Of Fairy Knots In Your Hair

Just when you think you’re done detangling your curls, you bump into a small knot dangling for dear life at the end of a single strand. These little nuisances are called fairy knots, and they’re fairly common among those with natural hair. Whatever you do, don’t rip these knots off your strands.

First, let’s take a look at what causes fairy knots—and why they are far from magical.

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What Are Fairy Knots?

The technical term for fairy knots is trichonodosis—but we’re just going to call them fairy knots in this article. Fairy knots are single strands of hair that knot within themselves. A single strand can loop around itself over and over again until a small knot forms.

combing fairy knots out of hair

What Causes Fairy Knots?

Those with natural hair typically deal with fairy knots much more than those with straight hair. Everyone sheds hair daily, but hair without texture will usually slide off the head easily. This is not the case for those with natural, textured hair. Loose curls tend to wrap around each other, making their exit strategy anything but graceful.

How To Get Rid of Fairy Knots

If you have fairy knots and want to get rid of them fast, don’t comb them out. Doing so will lead to breakage and will ultimately tear your hair apart. Instead, reach for hair-cutting shears or your phone to contact your hairstylist.

How To Get Rid of Fairy Knots in Your Hair

3 Ways to Prevent Single-Strand Knots

Fairy knots can happen as a result of improper hair care or tossing and turning while sleeping. Ensure that you are using a wide-toothed comb and a high-quality conditioner to detangle your hair in the shower. Top your night off wrapping your tresses in a silk cap or bonnet—and remember to follow the three rules of natural hair care:

Deep Condition

As a curly guy or gal, you should implement a deep conditioning routine once a week. As you know, natural hair is notoriously dry. Adding moisture to your hair with a deep conditioning treatment helps control and prevent tangles or breakage.

Detangle (The Right Way)

It’s impossible to permanently prevent fairy knots, but detangling your hair the right way helps. During your wash, detangle your hair with a gentle conditioner to create slippage. You can either use a wide-toothed comb or your hands to detangle your strands.

Protect Your Hair

After your wash, you should dry your hair with a microfiber towel or hair wrap. When you’re ready for bed, protect your hair with a bonnet, scarf, wrap, or silk pillowcase. This helps reduce friction while you sleep—especially if you move around a lot.

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