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Vitale Perfect Braids Protective Styling Bundle

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Vitale Perfect Braids Sleek Shine Gel Maximum Hold (16oz)

Give your hair the flexible hold it craves. Vitale Perfect Braids Sleek Shine Conditioning Gel is a styling gel designed to create the definition you want without that stuck-in-place feeling. Create sleek, long-lasting styles with natural-looking shine. Perfect for laying baby hairs, taming frizz, and braiding!


Vitale Perfect Braids Calm Itch Relief Spray (8oz)

This anti-itch braid spray offers relief and hydration you have to feel to believe. Vitale Perfect Braids Itch Relief soothes dry, itchy scalp commonly associated with tension from braids and twists. Keep the scalp cool and calm with a refreshing braid itch spray that works in seconds!


Vitale Perfect Braids Cleanse Dry Shampoo (8oz)

Refresh hair and scalp with oil and dirt-eliminating Vitale Perfect Braids Dry Shampoo. This waterless formula absorbs excess grease to revitalize old braids and other protective hairstyles. Extend the life of your by braids by eliminating  impurities in-between your regular shampoo regimen.


Vitale Perfect Braids Shining Style Mousse (7.5oz)

Vitale Perfect Braids Shining Style Mousse gives your braids, twists, locs, wavy and curly styles ultimate shine and flexibility with long-lasting frizz-free hold. 7.5 Fl. Oz.


Vitale Perfect Braids Braid Release (8oz)

Vitale Perfect Braids Braid Release softens strands for fast removal of braids and twists. This detangling lotion helps easily unravel each braid or twist while conditioning the hair and preventing tangles or breakage.


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