Winter Hair Care: 10 Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

Winter Hair Care: 10 Tips To Keep Hair Healthy

Winter: it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for your hair? Not so much. Winter can wreck your curls, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help keep your curls happy and hydrated through the coldest months of the year. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid common winter hair issues and how to properly winterize your curls.

​​How to Take Care of Hair in the Winter Naturally

Winter Hair Care: 10 Tips

1. Wash Your Hair Less Often In the Winter

Yes, we said it. Washing your hair too much does more harm than good. That’s because frequent shampooing strips away the oils your hair produces naturally. These natural oils are especially important in the winter when the air is dry and your hair needs a little more moisture than usual.

If you’re someone who washes your hair every day, start cutting back. Instead of washing your hair every day, try washing it every other day. Remember to wash your hair with safe products containing gentle, cleansing ingredients rather than products containing harsh chemicals.

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

If you’re like most humans, you love jumping into a piping hot shower after a long, cold day. But your hair doesn’t love a hot shower like you do. Hot water strips your hair of those natural oils we keep talking about, resulting in a dry and flaky scalp. Crank the heat down, and opt for lukewarm water on hair-washing day.

3. Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair

Grandma was right; this isn’t just some superstition. Going out in the cold with wet hair can cause hair strands to freeze and break—literally. Make sure your hair is 100% dry before leaving the house during the winter. If you must, use a blow dryer and diffuse your hair on the lowest heat setting.

4. Cut Back on Heat Styling

Speaking of heat, cut back on your heat styling as much as possible. We know, we know—it’s hard to let go of that blow dryer. But using hot tools on already-dry hair increases the chance of breakage. If you must use heat tools, use a quality heat protectant and set your tool to its lowest temperature. 

5. Fight Hat Hair With Anti-Frizz Products

Hat Hair is a two-word horror story. But hey, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your hairstyle has to suffer. Check out a few style tips we recommend you try:

Choose a curl-safe fabric - Reduce frizz or friction by wearing silk or satin-lined hats.

Opt for looser fits - Wear a hat that’s not too tight. A looser-fitting hat will reduce friction.

Wear earmuffs - Consider earmuffs as an alternative to hats.

Use anti-frizz products - Spritzing an anti-frizz product can help control static and maintain your hairstyle.

6. Do a Weekly Hair Mask

Give your tresses a spa day. Hair masks are a lot like face masks—they’re designed to refresh and hydrate. Weekly hair masks can be especially beneficial in the winter, especially ones that are packed with nourishing benefits. 

Reduce the chance of breakage and split ends by using a deep-conditioning mask such as the OSSAT Naturals Deep Moisture Mask.

7. Invest In a Humidifier

Nothing beats the feeling of a warm and cozy home. However, cranking up the thermostat can dry out your skin, hair, and your living space. A humidifier is a great way to balance your home’s moisture level and, in turn, prevent your skin and hair from drying out.

8. Try Dry Shampoo

If you’re someone who over-washes your hair, dry shampoo could be a great alternative—especially if your hair is on the oily side. Dry shampoo absorbs dirt, grease, and excess oil while also giving your hair some shape. Plus, it’s not as harmful as frequent washing is for your hair’s natural, healthy oils. Use one to two times a week in between wash days.

9. Don’t Skip Leave-In Conditioner

Static is common in the winter months, especially when your hair is stripped of much-needed moisture. You’ve probably experienced static hair when slipping on your favorite hoodie or hat. This happens because of a little something called friction. 

Friction and a change in humidity are what cause your hair to gain an electric charge—which gives you a cute look when you’re a kid but not so much as an adult. Prevent hair static by using a leave-in conditioner during hair wash day. A good leave-in will deeply nourish your strands, which can help reduce the chance of static.

10. Take Extra Care of Curls

Whether it’s more hydration or less friction, curly and natural hair needs special attention during the winter. If you’re someone with textured hair, you probably hear every suggestion under the sun: “Do this, not that. Do that, not this.” 

At the end of the day, everyone’s hair is different, including yours. Take extra care of your hair by trying a few of these tried and true methods:

Detangling - Use a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage and maintain your curl pattern.

Using a silk pillowcase - Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases to reduce friction and frizz.

Wearing protective styles - Protect your hair from the cold with braids or twist-outs.

Using a hair oil - Apply a hair oil to keep your curls moisturized and defined.

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