How To Get Rid of Static In Hair

How To Get Rid of Static in Hair: What You Need To Know

Remember those childhood days when rubbing a balloon on your head was the best thing since sliced bread? Well, all that hair static isn’t so fun when you’re an adult late for work, or worse, a date. The horror. Hair static is annoying and uncomfortable, so if you're wondering how to remove that static cling once and for all, read on.

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What Causes Static in Hair?

Hair static happens when your hair builds up an electric charge—literally. Things like friction and weather changes can add extra electrons to your hair, causing them to repel. And when electrons repel, it’s very obvious.

It’s important to note that static is not the same thing as frizz. Frizz happens when your cuticle is rough and raised; hair static results from friction. If you’re looking for frizz control, check out our anti-frizz products.

Now you’re probably wondering how weather changes can cause friction. Yes, it doesn’t make sense. But don’t worry, we’re going to uncover how hair static forms and what you can do about it.

Dry Air

It’s the number one culprit of hair static. Ever walk around your home in the winter and everything you touch shocks you? The dry air causes an increase in static electricity, and your hair is no exception. Shocking, we know. Humidity reduces static electricity, which is why you experience more static in the winter rather than during those balmy summer days.


Let’s use that balloon example again. Balloons, amongst many things, are made of synthetic materials like latex and nylon. Articles of clothing like hats, scarves, and shirts can also cause hair static. If you’ve ever pulled a shirt over your head and had hair cling everywhere, it’s because of friction against the synthetic fabric. 

balloon causing static in hair

How To Stop Static in Hair

If you have hair static and you need to flatten those flyaways fast, try a few of these quick fixes:

  • Use a dryer sheet: Grab a dryer sheet or anti-static sheet and run it over your hair. This helps neutralize the electric charge.
  • Spray some hairspray: When in doubt, use hairspray. Give your hair a spritz of your favorite hairspray to help calm those strands down.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil: Run leave-in conditioner through damp hair or tame that static with a small amount of hair oil.

How To Prevent Static in Hair

The best defense against hair static is to defend your hair. Protect your locks by following the below suggestions and we promise you’ll see a reduction in hair static.

Keep Hair Moisturized

The drier your hair, the more prone it is to static electricity. Avoid static by keeping your hair nice and moisturized throughout the cold months with our moisturizing hair products. If you don’t have a proper leave-in or treatment mask, then it’s time to add them to your winter hair care arsenal.

Avoid Hot Tools

It’s hard to put down the hot tools, especially if you regularly use them. Hot tools like hair straighteners and blow dryers can strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it susceptible to static.

If you have curly, kinky, or coily hair, now would be a great time to ditch heat styling and go natural. Give those locks some room to breathe by air-drying your hair. Or, if you don’t want to lose the hot tools just yet, opt for an ionic dryer and a quality heat protectant.

Reduce Friction

We keep saying it: reducing friction reduces static. Protect your hair at night by wearing a bonnet or sleeping on a silk pillowcase. You should also be using a microfiber towel instead of a terry cloth. Terry cloth towels cause a ton of friction and not enough absorbency, which is why so many people rub towels against their hair for it to dry.

Whatever you do, refrain from rubbing a towel against your hair and let that microfiber work its absorbent magic.

Check Hair Care Product Ingredients

Not all hair products are safe for your hair. Many commercialized hair products contain ingredients like sulfates, harsh detergents, and certain alcohols. These ingredients can make your hair dry, dull, and prone to hair static.

When shopping for hair products, double-check the ingredients and pass on anything that contains sulfates or silicones. Make sure you’re hydrating your hair with nourishing products that not only moisturize but also soothe and smooth.

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair: Quick Fix Guide

infographic covering steps to get rid of static hair

Leave Hair Static Behind With AFAM

It takes great products to produce great hair. Don’t give hair static a chance, thanks to our specially formulated products. By following the above tips and using products like our Hawaiian Silky Static-Free Leave-In Conditioner, you can tame those flyaways and manage your hairstyle.

Leave the hair static behind and feel confident no matter where you go with AFAM Products. Shop our collection of silicone- and sulfate-free hair products. And hey, good luck on that date!