Hair Care Specialist AFAM Concept Releases It’s First Anti-Aging Skin Care Brand – AFAM Concept

Hair Care Specialist AFAM Concept Releases It’s First Anti-Aging Skin Care Brand

Hair Care manufacturer moves forward with women’s anti-aging skin care Koee Radiant

Chicago, IL,October 26, 2016: AFAM Concept, Inc., the manufacturer of hair care brands for women, has spent the latter part of 2016 expanding its collection of brands to include personal care for men, baby, and now women’s anti-aging skin care with the release of Koee Radiant Lift.

Koee Radiant Lift is AFAM Concept’s latest product line to accommodate the special needs of women’s beauty care. Enriched with antioxidants including angelica root, mistletoe, and rosemary to fight free radicals that can age skin, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients sage, chamomile and oat extract, Koee Radiant Lift is formulated for all skin types and safe for sensitive skin.

The Koee Radiant Lift line consists of 6 anti-aging skin care products and an introductory kit that includes 5 full-size products at a special savings. Koee Radiant Clarifying Exfoliant Scrub removed dry skin for a radiant glow, the Soothing Toner helps eliminate impurities on the skin, Koee Radiant Lift Concentrated Serum is the first step to fighting the visible signs of aging as it penetrated to improve elasticity, Anti-Puff Eye Cream helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, the Koee Radiant Lift Anti-Aging Cream moisturizes facial skin without being greasy, and the Glow-Boosting Mask gives an extra boost of hydration to severely dry skin.

The natural extracts and advanced moisturizers in Koee Radiant Lift Skin Care are bound to please even the choosiest skin care customers.

AFAM Concept Inc.’s Koee Radiant Lift Anti-Aging Skin Care line is available on the company’s website: www.AfamConcept.comas well as www.KoeeUSA.comand retails $5.99 – $49.99.