AFAM Concept Releases Long Awaited Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Care Line – AFAM Concept

AFAM Concept Releases Long Awaited Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Care Line

Social Media Plays Role In Creating New Products

Chicago, IL,August 22, 2016: AFAM Concept, Inc., the makers of hair care products for coarse, curly, and thick hair types including cult favorite Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle, has answered the call of natural beauty product enthusiasts with their new Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar hair care line.

After seeing women on social media discuss spending hours mixing their own shampoos and conditioners with Apple Cider Vinegar and other natural products to smooth hair, increase shine, remove product build up, and soothe irritated scalp, the independent Chicago-based manufacturer brought its creative team together to test products for the Hawaiian Silky brand. After more than a year of analyzing various complementary ingredients, the Apple Cider Vinegar line was launched in August 2016 to a group of enthusiastic Facebook fans who had given input during the R&D process about what they look for in hair care products.

The Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar line is infused with the pH balancing powers of Apple Cider Vinegar, Activated Charcoal, Black Castor Oil, and other herbal ingredients to create a line for straight and curly hair types with coarse or thick strands who want to seal the hair cuticle, enhance shine and reduce product build up.

The new 9-piece Hawaiian Silky line includes: Hair Balanced Apple Cider Vinegar with Black Castor Oil to soothe irritated scalps, Charcoal Activated Shampoo to cleanse and remove build up, Hair So Soft Conditioner to detangle and seal in moisture, Lather-Free Conditioning Wash (Co-Wash) to use in between shampoo days for smooth moisturized hair and reduced breakage, Static-Fee Leave-In Conditioner infused with Black Castor Oil to promote stronger hair, Hair Yogurt Intensive Treatment for deep conditioning and repair, Bald Spot Recovery Serum to stimulate the scalp for longer and stronger hair, Extreme Edge Control to keep unruly edges and fly-aways in place, and Hair Strand Pomade for strong hold on short styles.

AFAM Concept Inc.’s Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar line is available on the company’s website: www.AfamConcept.comas well as www.MyHawaiianSilky.comand retails $5.99 – $9.99.