AFAM Concept Releases It’s First Product Line For Men – AFAM Concept

AFAM Concept Releases It’s First Product Line For Men

Men’s Beard Oils and Styling Products at the Forefront of New Brand

Chicago, IL,September 30, 2016AFAM Concept, Inc., the manufacturer of hair care and personal care brands focusing on women, has now released its first line focused on the needs of men’s grooming.

NewLifeFor Men is AFAM Concept’s latest brand to accelerate the company’s recently expanding portfolio as it moves into the personal care and skin care arenas.

Recognizing the special needs of men’s shaving, styling, and grooming, the NewLifeFor Men brand consists of skin care, shaving, hair styling, and beard care products.

Formulated with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil NewLifeFor Men products soothe freshly shaved skin and moisturize facial hair.

The brand consists of 12 products including Refreshing Beard Wash formulated with cleansers and oils to clean and soften coarse facial hair, Grooming Beard Balm to tame unruly beard and mustache fly-aways, Silken Beard Oil to moisturize facial hair and skin, Instant Hold Styling Gel and Spike Gel to hold hair without flaking, Pomade to create the perfect hairstyle with shine, Hair Grooming Cream to add texture, a Roll-On Deoderant, Blemish Control Cream, Facial Wash formulated with antioxidants and fruit extracts for healthy-looking skin, Shaving Gel formulated with Aloe Vera, and an Anti-Bump After Shave to soothe irritation, razor burn, and decrease shaving bumps.

NewLifeFor Men is one of many new products AFAM Concept, Inc. is in process developing over the next 12 months. Brand followers should look for new skin care, hair care, and possible toddler care products to arrive in late 2016 and early 2017.

AFAM Concept Inc.’s NewLife for Men brand is available on the company’s website: www.AfamConcept.comas well as www.NewLife4Men.comand retails $4.99 – $9.99.