Item HM8339

Extreme  Edge Control is versatile for edges and styling. This gel provides sleek edges without..
text_tax $5.99

Item HM8338

Bald Spot Recovery Serum is specifically formulated as an accelerator that feeds follicles and aids ..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8335

Hair Yogurt Intensive Treatment gently detangles and nourishes hair while hydrating and rejuvenating..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8334

A reparative leave-in conditioner that treats dry, brittle or damaged hair with the healing properti..
text_tax $7.99

Item HM8332

Conditioning lather-free cleanser gently removes product build up and residue. Apple cider vinegar c..
text_tax $8.99

Item KO8033

Koee Whitening Skin Lightening Lotion Tube - in - Box [7oz.]Pamper your entire body and moisturize. ..
text_tax $9.99

Item HA04

A.O.H.S. Conditioner [14oz.]Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Conditioner gently detangles an..
text_tax $5.99

Item VN14

PBN O.O. Miracle Hair Dress [6oz] A gentle organic formula that makes daily hair styling easier. It..
text_tax $5.24

Item VN12

Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner [12oz] Specially formulated to detangle, seal in moisture and protec..
text_tax $6.29

Item 10013

H.S. DRY LOOK MOISTURIZER SPRAY[16oz.] Hawaiian Silky “Dry Look” Moisturizer Spray is designed to g..
text_tax $7.44

Item E-105-A-1

Elentee Creme Activator [8 oz]A creamy activator formulated with rich conditioners help to soften na..
text_tax $9.85

Item SOM7319

Monoi Oil Kids No Lye Conditioning Relaxer Ragular  [2pack]..
text_tax $10.99

Item OSS7831

Ossat Smoothing Shampoo [12 oz.]Many Shampoos strip hair so clean that it dries it out, which c..
text_tax $8.95

Item 10019

H.S. MOISTURIZING SPRAY SHEEN[8oz.] Hawaiian Silky Moisturizer And Sheen is formulated with Jojoba ..
text_tax $6.08

Item 80029

H.S.H. 3 in1 CONDITIONING RELAXER[37oz.]Accommodates fine, medium or coarse hair, designed with herb..
text_tax $12.93

Item 10008

H.S. GEL ACTIVATOR [8oz.] Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator is specially formulated with Protein and Moi..
text_tax $5.52

Item HA05

A.O.H.S. Healing Oil Treatment [6.8oz.]Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatmen..
text_tax $9.99

Item VS-10

Sensitive Scalp Instant Relief (8 OZ) Vitale Sensitive Instant Relief is an amazing versatile produ..
text_tax $8.39

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