Item HM8339

Extreme  Edge Control is versatile for edges and styling. This gel provides sleek edges without..
text_tax $5.99

Item HM8338

Bald Spot Recovery Serum is specifically formulated as an accelerator that feeds follicles and aids ..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8335

Hair Yogurt Intensive Treatment gently detangles and nourishes hair while hydrating and rejuvenating..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8334

A reparative leave-in conditioner that treats dry, brittle or damaged hair with the healing properti..
text_tax $7.99

Item HM8332

Conditioning lather-free cleanser gently removes product build up and residue. Apple cider vinegar c..
text_tax $8.99

Item V-225-B-1

Mo'Body No-Lye Relaxer Kit Regular [1 Application]This Bio-Organic Relaxer System containing Shea Bu..
text_tax $6.60

Item OSS7837

Ossat Curling Custard [12 oz.]A remarkably lightweight non-greasy styling cream perfect for creating..
text_tax $7.95

Item 80034

H.S.H. LEAVE -IN-CONDITIONER [12oz.]An herbal blend rich in vitamins and hair nourishing proteins.&n..
text_tax $5.94

Item 10017

H.S. MIRACLE WORKER[32oz.] Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 is the very best product for prote..
text_tax $15.86

Item MF7391

Maxfair Whitaning Cream [1.75 oz.]Fades Dark SpotsMoisturizes with Vitamin ESunscreen ProtectionMax ..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8342

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair So Soft Conditioner detangles hair and seals in moisture for a sleek, smoot..
text_tax $9.99

Item HM8333

For use on all hair types, Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner can be used as..
text_tax $5.99

Item V-222-B-1

Mo'Body Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit [1 Application] This Bio-Organic Sodium Relaxer System containi..
text_tax $9.85

Item VS-300-A-1

Sensitive Scalp [2 Application] Specially formulated with Shea Butter to help reduce and repair hai..
text_tax $22.46

Item HA05

A.O.H.S. Healing Oil Treatment [6.8oz.]Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatmen..
text_tax $9.99

Item VN03

Olive Oil Virgin Hair Oil [7oz] Specially designed for scalp and hair. Enriched with Silk Amino Aci..
text_tax $6.29

Item 10026

H.S. MIRACLE WORKER[8oz.]Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 is the very best product for protecti..
text_tax $1.99

Item 10006

H.S. NEUTRALIZER[32oz.] Hawaiian Silky Neutralizing Solution: Used after thoroughly rinsing Hawaiia..
text_tax $11.58

Item 20016

H.S. SUPER HOLD SPRITZ[12oz.] Super Hold Spritz Provides long lasting, firm hold to any style. ..
text_tax $5.23

Item OSS7841

Ossat Natural Oils Moisture Mist [6 oz.]A gently scented lightweight 2 in 1 oil moisture spray for h..
text_tax $7.95

Item 30007

H.S. NO BASE REGULAR RELAXER [20 oz.] No Base Relaxer Allows for thorough relaxing without the hass..
text_tax $7.44

Item ES07

Elentee Soy Locking Bees Wax [7.5 oz] Elentee Soy Organics Locking Bees Wax is formulated with natu..
text_tax $4.99

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